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Course Review: Money EQ – Ken Honda – Mindvalley

To the person searching for a life of greater wealth and prosperity:

Why is there so much fear and drama surrounding money?

Why do most hardworking people struggle so hard to earn money?

And why are so many rich people unhappy?

If you’re dealing with financial uncertainty, debt, or if you constantly feel you don’t have enough to live your best life – then you may have asked questions just like these.

And you may have also noticed that simply working harder, fighting for a raise, or trying to save more aren’t quite the perfect solutions.

According to Ken Honda, Japan’s no. 1 money teacher, this is because most of us haven’t been taught the single most important truth about money:

Which is that everyone is programmed with a Money EQ that invisibly shapes our financial prosperity.

If your Money EQ is high, you have an excellent relationship with money – along with the abundance and peace of mind that comes with it. And the opposite is true if your Money EQ is low.

In this program, Ken guides you through his proven step-by-step process for understanding and raising your Money EQ – and permanently elevating not only your financial success, but your life.

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