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Course Review: Mike Pearson – Niche Site Academy

Hi, my name is Mike Pearson, founder of Stupid Simple SEO and the popular SEO course that goes by the same name.

And I’ve been making money passively with niche sites for more than five years now, including my first $5,000 month from Amazon Associates all the way back in December 2014:
Up until today when I’m still cashing $4,000 and $5,000 checks from Mediavine and Amazon month after month on auto-pilot .
And I just recently hit my first $9,000 month with my new niche site in the credit space .
While still working my 9-5 corporate job and helping to raise my two little adorable kids at home.
I’ve started four- and five-figure per month niche sites in the vacuum niche (yes, really), fitness niche, backpacking niche, and now credit niche, and I’ve perfected the process for identifying high-income potential niches with my Niche Sites That Scale System.
Niche Site Academy
The most easy-to-follow (yet comprehensive) training program laser-focused on getting your niche site up & running and making money as fast as humanly possible.
After Implementing the Niche Site Academy System, You’ll Have.

Nailed down the perfect niche. No more worrying about whether you can actually make money with your niche-finally have the confidence knowing what kind of niches are profitable (and which ones to avoid).
A professional looking site up & running fast. Have WordPress installed, your new theme and plugins activated, a logo designed, and your new site up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks.
Profitable, rankable keywords to go after. Stop trying to guess which keywords you think you can rank for. After completing the Keyword Research module, you’ll know exactly the right types of keywords to target.
A content strategy to consistently publish high-quality posts. Say goodbye to wasting time writing content that has no chance of ranking and, worse yet, no ability to actually make you money.
A scalable process to build backlinks. When you’re ready to build links, you’ll be able to follow a proven, repeatable process for getting quality backlinks (no guest posting required).
A dialed-in system to outsource your content. When you’re ready to outsource your content creation to freelance writers, I’ll show you my hands-off system to getting consistently high-quality content posted to your site each month with you barely doing any work.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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