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Course Review: Mike Gillete – The Maximal Mindset System

This is a must read! Mike Gillette is a no BS, low key yet very passionate man who is focused about helping people use the power of their own minds to get into a desired state or out of a bad situation. His experiences in life growing up somewhat mirrored mine (though his had far more outward violence expressed) which got me thinking anew about how some people can grow out of broken homes to become successful in many areas of life while others who had much more advantageous upbringings crumble at the first sign of adversity. Mike packs a lot of great, useful “today” kind of information in a book that reads in a breezy fashion I did the first read in an afternoon but since then continually re scan it for main points. I had a chance to meet the author last year and he is as genuine in person as he seems either here in this book or on his site. Definitely worth picking up. It shows that a good book need not be 400 pages to have an impact.

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