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Course Review: Mike Dillard – Be Prepared

Sean Jackson
“Thank you for the refund! As you can imagine, it is a great feeling to have accomplished this goal and the refund is like the icing on the cake for this entire experience.

My first encounter with Mike was through the List Grow webinar. I recall being drawn to Mike’s style in the way he calmly taught that workshop. No hype, just great content and some real eye-openers for me.

Since then, I have been following Mike and realized eventually that the List Grow course was the right move for me and my online music business. List Grow is in many ways more than I was expecting. Mike says he would walk us through step by step, pretty much like we’re looking over his shoulder as he sets up a new business model, and he really delivers on that promise. But I was not expecting quite the personal growth that came with it.

Mike is correct when he reminds us that through this List Grow course, we will end up with new skill sets that we can use across industries. One of the challenges in the course (regarding writing effective sales copy) that Mike warns us not to skip, is the very step that I think most folks would leave out, but in doing it I have come to see that it is an absolutely golden opportunity and feature of this course!

Having completed the course, I am now more confident in preparing video sales pages, thanks to the treasure trove of scripts that Mike includes, and of course, the cherry on top is that I now have a working, effective online business model and practically for free, as Mike also delivers on his promise to repay those who complete the course in full. Very happy with this experience overall.”

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