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Course Review: Mike Aston – Trading Template

Lord willing, may he grant us another awesome year to bring about great things.
Time is so precious; Why waste it? As I always say, “Today is the day to be ready.” We all know people who put things off until tomorrow, but why? Why put something off until tomorrow when it can be a reality today? I would genuinely love to help you reach real solid financial goals today. I know that there are individuals out there who will readily excel at trading once they take my course. Some individuals will make trading a solid addition to their monthly income once they educate themselves and realize that this is a real opportunity to improve their financial prowess. However, I do understand that many may not have the required resources to engage the market as quickly or as aggressively as they would like.

My solution:
I am currently looking for 10 individuals, to trade my money for me! If after you enroll in the course, and I see that you are serious and are doing well with your practice trading, and are ready to go live, then two things can happen. You open your own brokerage account and simply start trading. But if you don’t quite have the funds to open your own brokerage account, then I might invite you to trade one of my accounts. We will divide the profits accordingly. As time goes by and once you are flush with cash, you can then go trade with your own accounts and become free to pursue your own financial goals. Please understand that who I select is completely up to me. Naturally, I would have to have some trust in the person selected, among a few other conditions. I do not discuss this option with someone who has not taken my course.

My point is this— having the money to trade- is not an issue. Having the people who know how to trade is.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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