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Course Review: Micro Acquisitions – Ryan Kulp

Over the different lessons, you’ll be learning some strategies and tips to identify businesses that fit your skills, how to negotiate with their founders and all the assets you’ll need to do so, and once you have bought it, how to grow its revenue and eventually sell it for a lot more money than what you bought it for.

The course starts from 0, so there aren’t any problems if you have never bought a company before. In fact, I’ve never done it and didn’t have any problems understanding the lessons. However, I personally believe that’s better if you have some entrepreneurial experience. Otherwise, it may be quite difficult to understand the mentioned concepts and strategies.

An entrepreneur with some experience in marketing, design, and coding would be the perfect fit as the strategies related to growing the business you acquire are all related to these three skills. Anyway, one more time, you don’t necessarily need to know about any of these three things as you can outsource them or partner with someone to work on them.

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