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Course Review: Michael Crist – Ecom Profit Formula

Learn the Proven Methods I Used to Go From $0 to $578,359 in Just 16 Days
Here’s a Sneak Peak of Everything You’ll Learn
-‹How to find 5 and 6-figure products with 7 of my favorite research methods
-‹How to create your own winning product designs that sell like hot cakes
-‹How to use my favorite fulfillment provider (that not many people know about)
-‹How to build a Shopify store that converts above 5%
-‹How to create a niche Facebook page that will attract your target buyers
-‹How to understand the Facebook algorithm, auction, pixels, and a few trade secrets I haven’t seen taught anywhere else
-‹How to test new products on a low budget using my favorite testing methods
-‹How to create Facebook ads, like campaigns, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting ads in easy to follow over-the-shoulder video
-‹How to think about Facebook targeting, so that you can make informed decisions and get your ads in front of people that want to buy what you’re selling
-‹How to incubate a new pixel so that it gathers conversion data quickly and saves you money
-‹How to scale your Facebook ad campaigns to $92,000/day
-‹Includes multiple CASE STUDY videos where I show you EVERYTHING, including my winning product, landing pages, ad copies, and more
As an Ecom Profit Formula Student, You’ll Get Access to All These Goodies Too:
70 videos, 10 hours of content, and free updates on any important changes ($1995)
-‹-‹Get a FULL PRODUCT REVEAL of the product I scaled to $578,359 in just 16 days (valued at $2995)
Get a-‹ live scaling video on a day I did over $30,000 in revenue (valued at $995)
-‹-‹Get lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group (valued at $495)
Get a free subscription to the -Campaign Envy newsletter where we interview top sellers and tease out their secrets on a weekly basis (valued at $495)
And the best part The lessons taught throughout the ENTIRE COURSE are backed up by REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES
You’re not learning from a guy that just watched a bunch of YouTube videos, or some -guru that just makes his living selling courses.
You’re getting battle-proven methods that work to this day I know, because I’m still using them!
You’ll go BEHIND THE SCENES and see my winning product that made me $578,359 in revenue in just 16 days, plus my ads, ad copies, product pages, the apps I used, and more!
This Course Can Work for Anybody, Especially If
You’re brand-new to ecommerce, print-on-demand, or Facebook Ads
-‹You’re an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur looking to take things to the next level with advanced ad strategies
-‹You don’t have very much money to start with
-‹You’re looking for a comprehensive course with real examples and case studies from someone that walks the talk, and doesn’t make a living from just selling courses

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