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Course Review: Michael Breen – Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting

Michael Breen – Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting
“How To Create A Highly Successful Six Figure Coaching, Training Or Consultancy Business From Scratch… That Gives You The Freedom, Financial Rewards & Success You Desire… ”

Module 1: Let Michael help you hardwire up the key attitudes for success.
Module 2: Bypass one of the biggest mistakes that most new start-up coach, trainers and consultant’s make.Discover a niche that you can win BIG with.
Module 3: Craft an offer they can’t refuse and learn how to figure out what customers want so you can grow your business faster.
Module 4: Discover powerful sales and marketing strategies that converts leads into loyal customers.
Module 5: Discover the secrets of hiring and outsourcing so you can stay focused on doing the things that your best at… and your business makes the most money from.
Module 6: Learn how to take your productivity to a whole new level with powerful strategies to ensure focus and action.
Module 7: Uncover which roles and actions you must target to ensure your business thrives.
Module 8: Understand and leverage the power of metrics to start and grow your business.Discover which numbers are most important for developing a lead flow of clients.
Module 9: Business Building Secrets For Building A Successful Coaching Company

Module 10: Find out what it takes to succeed and what pitfalls to overcome when creating a successful training business.
Module 11: Step behind the curtain of the consultancy business and learn what key factors to keep front of mind and what traps to avoid, should you choose to build a consultancy practice.

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