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Course Review: Mentality Chief – Sales & Marketing Fundamentals

Improve Your Business By Learning The Secrets of Sales & Marketing in Less Than 6 Months
I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not the best salesman/marketer out there. But I have made some good deals.
You see, a few months ago, I was just like you, wanting to learn sales, marketing, copywriting….
I watched several YouTube videos and read a lot of blogs (Didn’t do any good lol), but they didn’t say anything new.
Frustrated, I decided to invest in some sales/marketing course, most of them were extremely expensive, but in the end I managed to get 2 courses.
I learned a lot, became more prepared and started earning $$$.
Watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about selling, is not selling….
Yes, you can find a lot of information there
But it will take you +6 MONTHS to really find what you need.
You’re wasting way too much time “researching” what you need
But I get it, and as you know, I’ve been there.
I don’t want you to waste your time. I want you to start making money as soon as possible.
That’s why I want to share EVERYTHING that I’ve learned with you for a price that’s too cheap compared to the value that’s inside.

Before we move on, let’s just clarify:
Who’s this course for?
✅ People looking to improve their sales and marketing skills
✅ Any business owner looking to make more money
✅Anyone willing to put in the action and time to learn sales and marketing
With that said, let’s dive in.
What does the sales and marketing course Basic Package contain?
Within the course, you will have 2 sections, Marketing and Sales.

Section 1: Sales
Sales is learning how to attract potential customers BY personally interacting with them.
What you will learn:
✅The right questions you MUST ask to get the right information about your prospects and close deals with clarity.
✅ How to gain confidence when selling: Tips that will double your confidence + Do’s and Don’ts for confidence.
✅ Avoid this mistake that crowds fall into every time and prevent them from selling, do this (explained) instead.
✅ 5-steps Sales Strategy #1: The framework that will help you close deals from $10 up to $10.000
✅ Simple & Common Sales Strategy #2: Another strategy that will help you get started selling any course or service.
✅ How to handle objections using simple but effective tips and tricks. (Using examples from all times)
✅ The real reason why discounts are hurting your sales (actually killing your sales) and +6 ways to replace discounts.
✅ Stages of negotiation: Follow this step-by-step process to negotiate correctly and get to a win-win situation
✅ Tips for better negotiation, useful and actionable tips to improve your negotiation.
✅ Mastering Sales Call by @sean0to10k: The structure, do’s and don’ts, increasing confidence, and closing your client.
✅ +20 EASY ways to build credibility. Each way explained in-depth to create credibility for your brand
There will be constant updates with new modules.

Section 2: Marketing
Marketing is learning how to attract potential customers WITHOUT personally interacting with them.
What you will learn:
✅ How to find the right niche for you (the exact process that helped hundreds choose the niche they really love).
✅ Introduction to Market Research: Understand the basics of market research and why your entire business relies on it.
✅ Secret Market Research Tools: Where exactly you can look for and understand your prospects’ pains, desires, challenges, etc.
✅ Market research elaboration offer: Using your knowledge about your market and audience to elaborate your offer.
✅ Market research developed: Exact process I use and how to create your buyer persona by using your client questionnaire.
✅ 2 modules on how to correctly price your services/products using psychology (doubling your conversion rate).
✅ Crafting your irresistible offer, what exactly you need to add, using market research and other tools.
✅ Color psychology, how do different colors influence your thoughts and known brands that use these colors.
✅ Branding course by @the_wildwoman: Everything you need to know to create a great and effective brand
✅ Branding questionnaire by @the_wildwoman: Ask yourself these questions and identify where you can improve as a brand
✅ Storytelling: Why it’s needed, examples, and the 5 essential principles every story MUST have.
✅ How to write a sales email following a reliable 8 block system by @HeroJourneyOn (Successful email marketer)
✅ The Power of Networking: 45 min module explaining the Do’s and Dont’s, structures, examples, it’s power, etc.
There will be constant updates with new modules
Upgraded Package Only

Bonuses are presented in basic & upgraded package
✅ BONUS #1: Recommended resources: Free and paid, more than +100 videos, websites, apps, courses, etc.
✅ BONUS #2: Passive income ideas to get you started with making money through several sources of income
✅BONUS #3: Basic financial tips you can apply and take advantage of wherever you live.
✅BONUS #4: Basic Twitter DMs Rules by @OneSupermann: Sharing everything he knows about DMs
✅BONUS #5: The 10 Best Sales Prospecting Tactics by @C_Holmes44 (Sold +$45 million at the age of 25)
✅BONUS #6: Instagram Content Creation by @nitisarran (Instagram Expert): Learn how to create killer posts on Instagram and get thousands of likes

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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