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Course Review: Mark Cunningham – The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis


The multimedia course is a video program that was recorded live during the 2-day Erotic Hypnosis Seminar presented David Shade and Mark Cunningham in Las Vegas October 2010.

Combining the art of seduction and hypnosis, the program teaches you how to use the mind to experience more pleasure and enjoyable sex together.

Bonus items include:
– How to Hypnotize Humans
– Conditioning with Pleasure
– Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets
– How Hypnosis Can Make Sex Better
– Trouble Shooting Teleseminar

An explanation of hypnosis
– How to hypnotize your woman
– The most important trance state
– Why women love to be hypnotized
– Amplifying even her smallest sensations
– Using hypnotic language at your convenience
– The secrets of Instant Intimacy Enhancement
– How to give a woman the gift of “thoughtgasms”
– Setting ‘triggers’ to give a woman titillating orgasms
– Give her multiple orgasms without touching her
– Ways to hypnotize a woman into irresistible pleasure
– Mark’s method of Conditioning With Pleasure
– The powerful hypnotic formula to trance your lover
– What to do if your girlfriend won’t let you hypnotize her
– Overcoming her objections and fears within minutes
– Making her continuously climax for as long as you want
– How to liberate your lover from being stuck in a “thought trap”
– Fun hypnotic suggestions to electrify a woman’s “hard wiring”
– A Feelgood Feedback loop to put her into a deeper trance
– The lazy hypnotist’s way to immediately put your lover into a trance
– Weave simple words into hypnotic trance language
– The first step to using powerful sexual hypnosis tools with your woman
– A powerful induction in modern hypnosis to put a woman into a trance
– Using hypnosis to take your sex life to new levels of excitement and intimacy
– How to give a woman a ‘taste’ of hypnotically enhanced sensations of ecstasy
– Eliminating a woman’s sexual frustrations and orgasm challenges with hypnosis
– Using your new found hypnotist power for good with women that come into your life
– How to dissolve a woman’s sexual fear, guilt or inhibition from her mind
– Leading a woman’s mind so she experiences and acts on her natural sexual responses
– Thinking like a Master Hypnotist and using her words for a sexy and exciting trance experience

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