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Course Review: Margaret Moore – Holistic Coaching

For too long, too many extraordinary coaches like you have struggled to explain how you can transform someone’s life and earn their trust to work with you.
It’s not that you don’t have the skills or life experience to coach well. After all, you’ve drawn upon your gifts to create transformation for others many times before. And you certainly want to continue helping more people change their lives.

However, you often feel like you’re hitting a wall preventing you from going further in your coaching business. Perhaps you’re:
Struggling to turn prospects into new clients… because most people you talk to don’t understand how coaching can help them, or they don’t perceive you as a qualified expert who can help them.
Feeling trapped in a small niche… because people assume you can only help them in one area of life, and they make this assumption based on your personal growth story or life experience that you’ve shared with them.
Not getting as many repeat clients as you’d hoped for… because your clients don’t realize how you can help them make powerful shifts in more than just one area of life.
Unable to earn a prospect’s or client’s trust… by showing research and proof when they ask to understand how your methodology works to create results. This ends up hurting both your confidence and how people perceive your authority or expertise.
Feeling lost of what coaching tools or approaches to use… where either you feel you’ve unsuccessfully tried every coaching tool you know with a client, or you just can’t pinpoint the best way to guide your client’s transformation.
Afraid you have disappointed a client… where you sense your client did not get the results they were hoping to achieve. Of all these situations, this one pains your heart the most.
Whether you’ve experienced one, some, or all of these limiting experiences, one thing is for certain. You’re determined to find a way to move past these blocks.
Yes, you are committed to deepen your expertise and become a more qualified and confident coach others trust. But you just don’t know where to start!

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