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Course Review: Maggie Chu – The High-Ticket Enrollment System

AThe Entire Incredibly Effective High-Ticket Enrollment System
7 Easy-To-Follow video training modules, from building your email List to program creation, enrolling 4 and 5 figure dream clients, even setting up a sales team!
On Demand, unlimited access to everything in your private portal – videos, slide decks, PDF workbooks, fill-in-the-blank templates, blueprints, and flow charts
​Done-For-You sales scripts, a swipe file, and pre-written email campaigns you can use to enroll clients
BONUS 1: Certification – Become a Certified “YES!” Coach and gain even MORE credibility.
BONUS 2: Be at the Top Of My Priority List when I’m hiring coaches and practice enrolling high-ticket clients while building your own business (priceless, hands-on mastery)
BONUS 3: 12 months LIFETIME access!!
BONUS 4: Fillable Digital Planner and Sales Tracker all-in- one to increase your productivity, focus, and sales while amplifying all of it with gratitude!
​BONUS 5: Practically DONE-FOR-YOU High-Ticket Sales funnel TEMPLATE to grow your list and immediately monetize your subscribers! (Simple 1 click download directly to your CF account! Or take the sample and duplicate it on any platform!) 90% pre-written copy, already included.
PAY IN FULL DONE-FOR-YOU BONUS 6: The professionally designed, Proven Webinar Presentation Slide Deck with high converting elements!
PAY IN FULL BONUS 7: Save $185! No financing or interest.
​PAY IN FULL BONUS 8: Peace of mind to pay your credit card at your own pace.
​PAY IN FULL BONUS 9: Lifetime, FREE upgrade anytime a new version is released!
PAY IN FULL BONUS 10: 90-Minute, Private Coaching Session With Maggie Chu, Master Enrollment Coach & High-Ticket Sales Trainer
All These Questions And Uncertainties Hold You Back From
Selling Your Program. Here’s The No-Holds-Barred Truth…
You find yourself spinning your wheels and procrastinating when all you want is to be able work with clients. Or perhaps you thought once you have your program, the clients will magically appear… Sorry, that’s not going to happen. (You have to implement a simple, smart, incredibly effective system designed to sign up clients over and over again.)
So tell me, how much of this are you doing…

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