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Course Review: LocalVid Pro 2 + OTO’s

No Need To Sell – The System Does It For You:
100% Beginner Friendly,
Step By Step Training,
NO Need For Phone Sales,
NO ‘Closing Scripts’ Needed,
NO Tech Skills Needed,
Plug & Play Software Included,
Hosted For You & Your Customers,
Hungry Audience Needing You.

Simple 4 Step System:
Step 1 – Go Live: Activate your own done for you agency website. We’ll show you where to put your buy buttons and the button to click to activate it ready for sales,
Step 2 – Traffic: Activate our inbuilt traffic system. Using our one-touch traffic tech, you can start a flow of clicks. From there, your agency funnel automatically sends DFY emails promoting your funnel service,
Step 3 – Get Paid: Your clients will pay you directly before you begin creating their funnel, so you don’t have to be a debt collector wasting time following up. You’ve already got it,
Step 4 – Deliver: Send your customer our DFY template. Clone one of our templates, copy/paste their feedback into it. When complete, deliver via your agency dashboard.

SociEmpire is the world’s first and only social media influencer agency that:
Finds Clients For You With Your Own DFY Agency Website,
Sends Automated Email Followups To Close More Sales,
Gives You DFY Hosted Funnels To Copy/Paste/Deliver,
Brings Repeat Customers Paying Direct To You,
Read To Use In Just A Few Minutes.

You’ll Have The Power To Turn ANY Regular Social Media Page, Profile, Group or Channel On Any Social Media Network Into Leads, Engagement & Sales:
Your DFY agency can deliver lead magnet funnels, custom tailored to them, their brand and their audience. Charge whatever price you set and have them pay you directly before you even begin work. “Wait work?!? It’s weird we even call it that to be honest. You simply email them the DFY template we give you, clone one of our DFY funnels, copy/paste their requirements and click deliver. Then use our secret sauce to turn that happy client into 10.

Creating A Successful Online Business Can Be Hard:
You Choose Your Niche & Are Sure You’re Finally Onto A Winner,
You Invest Time, Money & Resources Creating Social Media Pages,
You Set Up Bots, Make Banners & Put The Work In To Make It Look Pro,
You Work Hard To Build An Audience Writing Posts & Sharing Often,
You FINALLY Get Traction Engagement & Even Some Sales (YAY!),
Then Your Page/Group/Profile/Account Gets Banned.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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