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Course Review: Laurie Burrows – 5 Figure Launch System

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve tried launching a course or group program, but it has not gone how you expected it to. You felt overwhelmed and the sales were not in your favour.

You have an awesome idea for a course or a program but you have no idea what to do with it and how to sell it.

You’re confused with all of the options. What should I charge? How should I market it? What platforms should I use?

You’re frightened of the competition, they are killing it so how will you too? You want to know their secret sauce but you can’t work it out.

You’re putting content out there, showing up daily but all you hear is crickets. Nobodies enrolling in what you are putting out and you don’t know how to change that.

FREEDOM is all I have ever wanted.

I wanted FREEDOM to leave my 9-5, where I spent endless hours clock watching, counting down the minutes until the clock hit 5. That’s not a life!

I wanted to the FREEDOM to choose how I made my money and how much I could make, rather than having someone cap it to what they thought I was worth.

I wanted the FREEDOM to do what I wanted with my time, without someone telling me what to do and when to do it.

So I quit.

I quit my 9-5 and launched my course.


Now, I make multiple 5 figures per months.

Now, I have the FREEDOM to do what I want when I want.

NOW, I LOVE what I do.

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