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Course Review: Kyle Roof – On Page SEO

About Kyle
Kyle is best known for revealing the “secret” hidden in plain sight: Google’s algorithm is an algorithm. In other words, it all comes down to one thing – Math.

Kyle demonstrated this by ranking number one in Google with a page consisting of gibberish text and only a handful of target keywords.

Google actually punished him for exposing their algorithm by de-indexing 20 of his test sites and creating a rule in an attempt to de-value his efforts.

Kyle has spent the past several years running more than 400 scientific SEO tests to better understand Google’s algo. The combined results of those tests became the backbone of the popular SEO tool, PageOptimizer Pro, and they are implemented within his SEO agency on client sites.

Kyle also shares his techniques in podcasts, at conferences around the world, and within the platform he co-founded, IMG, a sort of Netflix for SEOs with an active community aspect.

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