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Course Review: Kristen McCall – Story Launch Method

Hey business owner,
I see you hustling hard to serve your customers and innovate new, creative ways to solve the problems we are facing. (And whew, aren’t we facing more problems than ever??)
You work hard to create more solutions, more services, and more products to meet the needs of your clients and customers. You are staying up late and getting up early, probably juggling time with your kids – and maybe you’re even a homeschool parent all of a sudden.

Then, when your product or offer is done and ready to be launched into the world, it’s like you freeze. HOW do I talk about this thing? How do I promote it? This amazing, wonderful thing that you’ve been working on and obsessing over for months now feels like a burden because you’re too close to it. You don’t know what to say so that it sounds genuine and authentic, much less what do you say that would INSPIRE someone to buy it.

The problem is… you’re showing up on social media (sometimes even every day!), but you’re STILL not getting the results you want… the results you know you could have if only you knew what to say…

‘Cuz unless someone’s changed the rules… (ahem, Zucks)
… (even a ton of) 💗💗💗 emojis still don’t translate into life-changing cash 😢😭😢

You know you must be missing something and you’re exhausted from trying to figure it out.
You have a whole ‘idea bank’ of social media prompts and a ninja looking calendar full of hot pink sticky notes counting down to your launch…

But as that date gets closer and closer you feel that all-too-familiar pit in your stomach.

What’s gonna make this launch any different from your last???

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