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Course Review: Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers

The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers By Justin Welsh Download now
Building a tribe of fans online can be overwhelming. As humans, we can feel strange or nervous about putting ourselves out there and having a voice. What should I talk about? How do I get started? Will anyone care what I have to say?
Ill show you what Ive learned, and how Ive grown my audience consistently every day. This technique will be presented in the context of LinkedIn, but it can actually be used to grow an audience nearly anywhere else online.
This is an opinionated course. I only cover topics I have significant first-hand experience with. You wont find most of the knowledge I share here in any free blog post you can read online.
If this interests you, it would be an honor to have you watch it.

Course Preview
Heres a he type of content youll find inside of the course. No email address necessary. Also, be sure to check out the reviews so far ????
Please note: Buying the course does not come with questions via email or phone calls.

Part 1: Course Intro
– Intro, objectives & outline
– Establishing your character

Part 2: Laying the foundation
– Defining your niche
– Establishing your character

Part 3: Your LinkedIn profile eBook (67 pages)
– Chapter 1: The intro section
– Chapter 2: The about section
– Chapter 3: Experience
– Chapter 4: Articles & activity
– Chapter 5: Education, licenses & certifications
– Chapter 6: Skills Endorsements and Recommendations
– Chapter 7: Accomplishments + Interests

Part 4: Building your tribe
– Adding Relevant Connections
– Adding Industry Titans
– Audience Boosting Interactions

Part 5: Creating content
– Generating Daily Content
– Telling Great Stories
– Other Great Content
– Posting & The Algorithm
– Scheduling & Consistency

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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