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Course Review: Justin Welsh – Idea Audience Proof Product –The Side Income Playbook

Why is building online important?
It isn’t, for everyone.

But, if you want to be in a better financial position, save some extra money, invest in the market, or simply pay down your debt, then I think a side hustle or online business is the best way to do that.

What you will learn in this course?
You’ll learn a proven process for creating an idea, growing your audience, showing proof of your value, and then building digital products that scale 24/7.

It’s the same process I’ve followed to build 3 separate businesses online.

Course Curriculum
Section 1: Course Context

Introduction: Meet the Instructor, Background & Expectations

Section 2: The Mindset for Building Online

Chapter 1: Play the Long Game
Chapter 2: Knowledge Blindness
Chapter 3: Overcome your fear
Chapter 4: Meet 4.66B Prospects
Chapter 5: The New Rules of Internet Money
Section 3: Idea

Chapter 6: How to Ideate
Chapter 7: A Niche of One Part 1
Chapter 8: The Background
Chapter 9: The Transformation
Section 4: Audience

Chapter 10: Moneyball
Chapter 11: The Profile Funnel
Chapter 12: Rapid Relevant Creation
Chapter 13: The Scroll Test
Chapter 14: The Art of the Capture
Chapter 15: The Distribution Network
Section 5: Proof

Chapter 16: A Niche of One Part 2
Chapter 17: Building an MVP Service Business
Chapter 18 Part 1: Service Automation
Chapter 18 Part 2: Behind The Scenes of Automation
Chapter 19: F.I.T.I.
Section 6: Product

Chapter 20: Move Fast & Cheap
Chapter 21: Building in Gumroad
Chapter 22: Creating a Compelling Launch
Section 7: What’s Next?

Chapter 23: What’s Next?

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