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Course Review: Jon Penberthy – AdValue 2.0

What You’ll Learn Inside AdValue 2.0
Module 1: The Big Picture

Proven strategies (Based on $MILLIONS Spent)
Current Strategies
A skill that will set you up for life
How to future proof your marketing
A-Z of running profitable ad campaigns (At scale)
Complete master the art of customer acquision
Module 2: The Perfect Positioning

How to communicate with your audience
Who to target and when
The landing page
The Placements
A few other bits
Module 3: The Ad Creative

How To Approach Ad Creation
Short Copy Image Ads
Short Video Ads
Short Video Ad Copy
The Headline Formula
Long Video Ads
Module 4: Account Set Up

Creating your business page
Setting up Your Business Manager
Setting up Your Ad Accounts
Adding Page Roles
Business Manager Walkthrough
FB Pixel Explained
Module 5: Finding Your Ideal Customers

Audience Research With Google
Keyword Research Tips
Audience Research With Amazon
Audience Research With The Ads Manager
Audience Hijack (Fanpages)
Audience Insights
Custom Audiences
Creating A Custom Audience.
Module 6: Launching Your Ad

Deploying Your Ads
Launching Your first ad
The learning face
Trouble shooting your campaign
Module 7: Social Dominance

How To Approach Scaling
Realistic Expectation
Let FB Do The Heavy Lifting
Campaign Structure When Scaling
Scaling Safely
Aggressive Scaling
The When And The Why
Module 8 (Bonus): Re-targeting Value Loop

Pre Campaign Remarketing
Mid Campaign Remarketing
Post Campaign Remarketing
The Ad Creatives
Launching A Remarketing Ad
Ad Value Private Event

Monthly Insider Recordings

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