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Course Review: Jon Benson – The Copywriter Blueprint

“More Money Has Been Made By This Blueprint Than Any I’ve Ever Created…Now 30 Hand-Selected Copywriters Get To Learn It From Me Live”
Read On If You’re Dead Serious About Become A Word Alchemist…An Avatar Mind-Reader…Someone So Potent With Wordsmithing You Could Persuade Tony Robbins To Take Up Mime In 500 Words Or Less…And Double, Even Triple Your Earning Potential
Over the past 12 years of writing copy that pulled in over $1 Billion in revenue I learned a few tricks.

More than that…I created a Blueprint for other copywriters to follow.

One that help you write epic copy consistently.

Copy that sells time and time again.

Copy that can give you the lifestyle you dream about when you let your mind picture it.

( Yeah, that lifestyle. : )

I’m Jon Benson, creator of the video sales letter (VSLs), creator of Email CopyPro, and your instructor for The Copywriter Blueprint.

It’s a system of approaching any copywriting project that ensures you do it faster and your copy converts.

And copy that converts makes you more money.

Lands you more gigs by word-of-mouth alone.

Gives you the confidence to write for others as well as yourself.


The level of success I experience is repeatable.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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