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Course Review: John Romaniello – Captivating Copywriting

Now, don’t get me wrong. Making money isn’t magic. Most decent marketers can create income on demand.

That’s not it.

The magic is how excited people were to read it all. How these pieces still make money today. How I’ve used each of them over and over to make 7-figures, without doing more work.

The magic isn’t just the money, but the magnetism: the way each of these cast its own spell that has ripples to this day.

For example: that olive oil email I mentioned?

The first time I sent it out to my mailing list, it generated over $25,000.

That was a pretty good day.

Over the last few years, I’ve sent it out in newsletters, put snippets of it on social media, even used it in some of my keynotes.

Each time, it makes money.

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