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Course Review: John Overdurf – Advanced Master Practitioner Experience

This 88 track MP3 audio is a live recording of John’s 2006 Master Practitioner Class in Portland Oregon, includes his newest developments integrated with HNLP, classic NLP, and Coaching.
It is well beyond the typical Master Practitioner material, filled with demonstrations of every process, in-depth question answer, with very spontaneous, transformative and sometimes very humorous moments. This a comprehensive training experience that is loaded!
Quantum Physics Metaphors
Conversational Change…Beyond Words
New Advanced Sub-Modality Quantum Patterns
Allergy Relief Process
Meta-Programs, Completely conversational, not paper and pencil
Values Elicitation, Utilization, Transformation
New Streamlined Breakthrough Session Format with full-length demo of each phase of the process
Time-Based Techniques
New Training and Presentation Skills
and Many More Mind-Expanding Moments

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