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Course Review: John Locke – APM2 Program

Advanced Personal and Position Management or APM2 course is a must for any experienced trader of the M3, Bearish Butterfly, ROCK, and M21 trading strategies.

Advanced Personal Management will teach traders how to break free of failure loops and create success loops for continual improvement.

Advanced Position Management will teach techniques, skills, and habits that when enacted can provide consistent, long-term trading profitability.

The on-line program is a recording of the two day live seminar that consists of sixteen videos with over eleven hours of instruction and six detailed presentation slides which will give you an exponential edge. Use unique self-study tools and resources to learn the techniques of top traders:
Trading Psychology focused on dealing with stress and anxiety
Proper back trading and using back trading to evaluate and improve your performance
Managing the T+0 line using strategic options placement
Efficient use of capital – Trading twice the size with the same capital
Efficient and alternative trade adjustments
Trade execution and live examples
Gradually and synthetically reconfiguring positions back and forth from M3 type position to any of ROCK configurations
Lots and lots of examples
And much, much more!!!!

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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