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Course Review: John Anthony (JMULV) – Corona Pickup

re you tired of Corona Virus cockblocking you?
Are you fed up with social distancing?
Are you tired of no new women during the pandemic?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can tell you this:
I am getting laid like crazy during the Corona Virus Pandemic
And you can too.
Fast forward to 2022, and I am at 1450+ lays as I am writing this.
But I know better than any dating coach how to adapt and optimize no matter what the situation.
Corona Virus has swept the globe and it is here to Marked As SpamMarked As SpamMarked As SpamMarked As Spam shit up for a long time.
Point is, you can still CRUSH if you adapt properly.
The theory section covers literally EVERYTHING you need to know about game during this pandemic. It cuts out all the fluff and bullshit.

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