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Course Review: Joel Kaplan – 7 Figures Agency 2.0

Joel Kaplan’s 7-Figure Agency: How Did It Come About?
Venezuela was the birthplace of Joel Kaplan. So he went to college because college was important to his parents. Joel K Entertainment, where he DJed weddings, was his first business when he was 18 years old.

He had the benefit of family connections in the wedding venue business, who could get him gigs left and right. His ego got in the way after he made good money for a while. He got into an argument with Bridezilla and her mom about the music he was playing at one wedding reception and ended up quitting.

What does it matter? Joel’s first venture into business was a success. There must be another thing on the horizon, right? That’s wrong. He attempted to create the next Facebook-a social media site called Mazoof-and it completely failed. That made him realize he must only build businesses that are based on a proven model he can copy.

At this point, he is still in college and is studying business, but he feels that he is learning nothing. His major switched to philosophy so he could pursue a deep dive into persuasion, knowing someday he would be a great salesperson. Later, Joel earned a degree at Temple University, Philadelphia.

His dad had advised him to get jobs for at least two years before launching any further businesses (to gain experience). A job in education sales was offered to him.

After wandering around Denver for a while, he finds a billionaire from the Cisco Systems family and joins her as a volunteer. A light bulb went off when he saw a billionaire complete a million-dollar donation to a local school: “If I’m going to make a positive impact on the world, I must be as rich as I can.”.

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