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Course Review: Jeffrey Stephens – Weekend Hypnosis Workshop

Module 1:
Module 1 gives you an overview of the most important aspects of Jeff’s process.
In fact, by the end of this module — in roughly an hour — you’ll be ready (and more importantly able) to drop someone into hypnosis for the first time.

Welcome & Overview
Two Rules for Hypnosis The Importance of Context and Intent.
Two Questions that Set the Context for Hypnosis
Why Great Hypnotists Never “Try”An Introduction to Rapid, Simple Deepeners
Hypnosis that Sticks: A Demonstration of Hypnotic Phenomena
A Demonstration of the Eight Word Induction
Using “The Blitz” to Increase Learning, Enjoyment and Retention
Exercise 1 : Now it’s Your Turn to Do Hypnosis for the First Time!

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