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Course Review: JayKay Downdall – RHIMS 4.0 Affiliate Toolkit

Here’s What Your Tribe Will Get Inside RHIMS 4.0:
​Entirely new concept for affiliate marketing students.
​10 unique modules with each including: editable PDF workbooks, over-the-shoulder tutorial, whiteboard sessions, and more.
​Action-oriented content that goes beyond “sit in front of the screen and take notes” videos.
​Done-with-you style learning.
​Grab & Go templates for each of the toolkits (Clickfunnels users).
​1-Click import for each element of the affiliate funnel (Clickfunnels users).
​1-on-1 Feedback on each element of their funnel provided in group.
​Newbie-friendly content suitable for affiliates who have a basic understanding of WHAT affiliate marketing is.
​Complete White-Hat Training
​Full traffic training included as a bonus to walk them through how to send traffic to this funnel
​Cohesive content that complements each of the upsells in the funnel.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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