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Course Review: Jason Meunier and Tom Cormier – Marketplace Mastery

Learn How To Transform Your Facebook Account, Into a High Performing Business

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Selling and Dropshipping on Facebook?

With Facebook Marketplace dropshipping, rather than trying to build a business selling items laying around your house, dropshipping involves no storing or purchasing of any products. Instead, when a customer places an order from your Marketplace store (of a product that you marked up), you purchase and send the product directly from your supplier (places like to your customer. You keep the profit in between!

Your customer places an order from your Facebook Marketplace store
You purchase and send the order from your dropshipping supplier to your customer
Your dropshipping supplier prepares your customer’s order
Your dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to your customer, and you keep the profit
Introducing Marketplace Mastery 2.0
The new and improved, all-in-one course on growing a profitable Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping business in 2021 and beyond

Learn over-the-shoulder as Tom (eCom Tom), teaches you everything he knows in this 10+ hour class, transforming the way you use your Facebook account. You’ll leave the class with a fully operational Facebook Marketplace dropshipping store, and a new set of lifelong eCommerce skills.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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