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Course Review: Jason Capital – Girls Tell All UNCUT

Hey it’s Jason.
And, just before you get to the members area, I have one more idea I’d like to share with you.
It’s a secret.
A secret that so far, only customers and coaching clients of Jason Capital have had access to.
Here’s what it’s all about:
If you’ve ever felt understanding what women REALLY want in a guy is a little like deciphering a foreign language or cracking a complex code. well. you’d be right.
Because, up until now, you’ve viewed every encounter with a woman through a guy’s eyes.
Kind of an easy mistake to make, right?
However, as you read every word of this letter, you’ll begin to understand the POWER behind flipping that viewpoint upside down. and seeing the world through a woman’s eyes. Maybe for the very first time.
You’ll burrow DEEP into her psyche.
Become intimate with her most secretive thoughts, primal needs and deepest desires. AND learn the ‘magic words’ that make her want you – immediately!
You’ll find out the meaning BEHIND her words and actions. and you’ll discover how to use her OWN words, thoughts and desires against her!
And I’m NOT just talking about figuring out what she wants for dinner, where she wants to go on a date or what she thinks about the weather. Oh no.
I’m talking about getting so deep into her mind you know what she REALLY wants you to say when you approach. what she really wants you to do when you talk to her.
And even better. you’ll know the precise words, sentences and subtle actions that trigger an irresistible PRIMAL urge deep within her.

  • You’d know how to please her in bed every single time.
  • You’d know how she likes to be approached.
  • You’d know EXACTLY what to say to get her heart pounding and her panties moist.
  • And you’d ALWAYS know what to say and do and when to make your move.
    Magic Words that Make Giovanni Want You.
  • The “robotic body scan” she’s activating as soon as she sees you. and how to pass her little test every time.
  • How to tap into her secret conversational desires and why you should NEVER hold back on what YOU really want to talk about.
  • Think the first kiss never leads to sex straight away? Think again.
  • What you MUST do if she gives you her number (and why most guys fuck this part up).
  • How to make the first date run so smoothly she’s ready to jump into bed with you the same night.
    Magic Words that Make Jocelyn Want You.
  • 5 things you can do right now to give off irresistible, attractive energy.
  • How to be confident but NOT arrogant. (And specific examples on when arrogance is a major turn-off)
  • How to make sure you don’t accidentally communicate insecurity.
  • How being shy and introverted can actually trigger a desire in her to want to “break you out”.
  • The ‘crash and burn’ common texting mistake you must avoid.
    Magic Words that Make Joy Want You.
  • The secret to a perfect handshake (crucial for that all-important first impression).
  • Style secrets that give off a magnetic vibe.
  • Why you need to check your TEETH before you even think about approaching her.
  • Become a culture vulture – knowledge secrets to make you more attractive.
  • Why a calm, confident walk lays the foundation of attraction before you even approach.
    Magic Words that Make Alexa Want You.
  • How a little, carefully placed tension can boost sexual attraction.
  • The proven push-pull strategy – make her do a little work and amp up her desire for you.
  • Why seduction is a game women WANT YOU to play (and how to WIN).
  • Why balanced confidence is attractive.., and what 98% of guys do to screw this up.
  • SHOCK FOOTAGE: Watch as Alexa accidentally reveals an EVIL trap women will set for you. (Taking her out to dinner? Doesn’t mean she wants to date you!)
    Magic Words that Make Jessie Want You.
  • Why nurturing a unique style always trumps being a fashion victim.
  • The secrets of approach and how NOT to come across as a creepy stalker if you approach in public.
  • How to get her number. and the shocking yet all-too-common “digits trick” that will backfire immediately.
  • Why social intelligence is more attractive than being ‘book smart’. (And how to flip the switch into becoming a magnetically interesting person)
  • Think tattoos reveal your rebellious nature? Here’s how you could instead be radiating a “permanent relationship vibe” with your ink.
    Magic Words that Make Elizabeth Want You.
  • The secret of polarity – how being the strongest, boldest, most authentic version of yourself repels the women you don’t want. and rapidly attracts the women you do.
  • Why material possessions (and the low self-esteem mask they provide) can be a major turn-off and what to brag about instead.
  • How to break down the barrier of a dinner date. And where you should take her instead for a closer, more intimate, more physical adventure.
  • Passionate conversation starters guaranteed to turn her on.
  • Why your circle of friends are the perfect “pre-sell” for your approach.
    Magic Words that Make Kelly Want You.

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