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Course Review: Interrogation & Interview – The Hughes Protocol

The conclusive studies show that nonverbal communication is 2/3 or more of communication, this, by default, means that it’s also 2/3 of interrogation as well. Previous interrogation training has only focused on roughly 30 percent of the interaction, and we continue to wonder why our confession rate isn’t where it should be.

Not only have we ignored the nonverbal behavior issue, which is hurting our justice system, we’ve ignored the fact that a simple method with several steps can’t be applied equally to all people.

Our officers are getting trained to apply the same principles to everyone, as if humans are replicas of each other.

People are different, and when you’re able to modify interrogation strategy based on the personality, fears, needs, insecurities and beliefs of the suspect, the whole dynamic changes.

It’s simple. Interrogation programs ask you to follow a formula that neglects and ignores more than 2/3 of the actual scenario. Science has evolved, so should our training.

We would never settle neglecting 2/3 of information in a crime lab, at home with our children, or anywhere else results are important. We would immediately find a system that addressed this critical gap; our results would improve almost immediately, and the system would work in ways we never imagined.

Our interrogation training system is like no other. We guarantee that your department and your teams will improve confession rates, reduce false confessions, establish greater clarity in interviews, and close cases faster.

With over 80% of convictions in the US relying on confessions and interrogation-derived evidence, imagine the impact when we no longer settle for a program covering 1/3 of the interaction.

​The Hughes Protocol for Interrogation © HPI is designed to fill the gaps, and create a powerful team of interrogation professionals who finally have the tools to get the job done right.

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