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Course Review: Igor Ledochowski – Path to Mastery

Here’s the promise: When you listen to this training, you’ll get to eavesdrop in on an insightful and illuminating high-level conversation I had with one of my best students, Steve, who is now a top hypnotist.

Steve wanted me to explain to him how he could make the developmental jump from expert level to the elusive MASTERY LEVEL at hypnosis. More specifically, you’ll hear my answer to Steve’s question in point-by-point simplicity.

And by getting this training you’ll hear me reveal…

The difference between an expert hypnotist and a MASTER hypnotist
The 4 keys to mastery (anyone who understands and applies these in the manner in which I describe will achieve mastery, guaranteed!)
What really went on in Erickson’s legendary “Garage Workshops” that produced a string of master level hypnotists – hypnotists who quite literally transformed the face of hypnosis — including: Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland, Ernest Rossi, Stephen Gilligan, Jeffrey Zeig and Sidney Rosen
The curious “talent secret” of the Curacao — and what it means to you on your path to hypnosis mastery
My 5-step “filtering process” that ensures you are always making great strides in your mastery of hypnosis
How to “own” your hypnosis knowledge in such a way that it becomes…

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