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Course Review: Igor Ledochowski – MBL mentoring

Now You Can WATCH Transformational Change-Work -MBL IN ACTION With
Real People -As-It-Unfolds
You’ll also see my interactive and point-by-point coaching with mentees who paid $5,000-a-head to attend my live MBL Mentoring Program in the Dominican Republic

When you watch this advanced training
You will see multiple demos in action.
You will see multiple therapeutic and personal transformation practice sessions.
You will see how I coach the mentees through -stuck points in their practice sessions and you will see me guide them back on track in the interaction when it gets off-course.
You will see how I intermittently provide commentary of what is actually happening in the practice sessions with mentees and why.
You will see me help the mentees to recognize and leverage the -unconscious moments as and when they arise.
You will see me providing interactive point-by-point coaching with the mentees.
You will see me doing MBL sessions with some of the mentees (to show how I conduct MBL with delicate, sensitive issues that people want resolved).
You will see how to elicit the subject’s own unconscious symbology (rather than the hypnotists) so unconscious connections and change-work can take place in the best way for the subject.
You will see how to deal with RESISTANT subjects who resist going into their problem and skirt around it by trying to run away verbally (often by negating what the hypnotherapist is saying by using terms like `Yes, but’).
You will see how to test the transformational changes that have taken place in a subject to the point of even goading them into saying no changes have taken place (note: you may not want to actually do that in private practice – but the goading and challenging is used as an ultimate demonstration of how a client will fight to prove they have experienced rapid inner changes around their issue).
You will see a demonstration of a doctor who wanted to use MBL (on himself) to increase his own level of discipline so he could get more medical writing done.
You will see how to get into the right -bandwidth with a new subject so you can successfully engage and use MBL with them.
You will see where I deal with troubleshooting issues (issues that can jeopardize an MBL session) and how to either completely negate them from happening in the first place or how to resolve them seamlessly if they arise.
You will see how to comfortably deal with a subject that keeps straying away from being specific about their problem (the real-time coaching and demo that shows this is with a women who feels she is not fitting in socially in the town where she lives).
You will see how to use hypnosis and MBL for sensitive medical and health issues.
You will see debriefing sessions where I am able to recap, highlight and provide further depth of insight on a practice session that has just unfolded between mentees.
You will see a real-time coaching and demo session with a mentee who wanted to resolve her issue of always being late when meeting family and friends, and how the issue was resolved using MBL.
You will see me teaching (and coaching) on generative change (rather than remedial change) which is where you use MBL to unlock someone’s unconscious mind to greater possibilities; rather than resolving a specific issue.
You will see me proving instruction on how to do MBL sessions with subjects over the telephone.
You will see how to never be -out of control when using MBL with a subject – this is possible because with MBL in therapeutic situations you are always extending control to the subject and their responses guide the -content of the session.
You will see how to use my PCAT formula with MBL to add to its effectiveness.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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