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Course Review: Ian Stanley – 8020 Email Copy Crash Course

What do you learn from writing, sending, and testing hundreds upon hundreds of emails to a list of 1.2 million subscribers?


And that’s what I want to share with you today. I’ve essentially condensed 18 months of full-time writing and learning into a 4 week email crash course.

Using the 80/20 Principle I’ve focused only on the type of emails that truly matter. Meaning you don’t have to wade through all the bullshit trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve done all the leg work for you and know EXACTLY what kind of emails bring in the money and how to write them in just 10 to 20 minutes.

Writing sales-getting emails is probably the single-most profitable skill you can have online, whether you own a business or work as a freelancer. Yet so few people have actually mastered the art.

They think emails need to take hours to write, follow an intricate story structure and provide tons of “useful content.”

Well the good new is that’s a bunch of bullshit. You can write emails guaranteed to get you sales in under 25 minutes…generally under 15.

All you need to understand is a few key principles. Then use those principles while following proven money-making “structures” and “formulas” to create profit pulling emails on demand.

So how can you learn these key principles, the email secrets I’ve discovered, and get your hands on these proven email structures and formulas?

I’ve taken everything I’ve ever learned about email copy and all the knowledge I gained from running thousands of split tests and condensed it into a 4 week email crash course called 80/20 email copy.

Could you learn all this on your own? Maybe. It’s possible but I doubt it…

You could get access to a list of over a million subscribers, send them hundreds of emails for 18 months, test up to 8 variations every email, pour over the test results for hours on end, and distill what you’ve learned into a set of principles, structures, and formulas that anyone can use to create money-making emails.

OR you can take this course and learn all of this in just 4 weeks, WHILE I hold your hand through the process as you build your own autoresponder, hand copy some of the greatest emails ever written, AND get proven structures and formulas you can use to write profit pulling emails in any niche, no matter how small or large.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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