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Course Review: How to 10x Your Productivity and Get More Done in Less Time

I bet you know someone extremely productive, whether at home, in their free time, or at work. I also wager that you want to become that person. If not because of the sweet cars and money, to simply accomplish more in your lifetime.

It is not a simple way to put it, but we are all in competition directly or indirectly. To be the best at your workplace, you somehow have to outperform the others who may eye the same position as you. That means if their output is at a 90, you have to find a way to get yours to a 95 or above. That is the harsh truth.

And it doesn’t have to be like that for you. You just want to be better at what you do. And That also demands that you get better at putting out the result for yourself. It will save time and effort and give you time to rest or focus on more relevant things like family and leisure.

Productivity hacks are all the rage right now, but productivity is not one of those concepts you can easily “hack.” Instead, I’m talking about something far deeper than that. I am talking about a mindset.

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