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Course Review: Home and Travel Fitness Workout by Orsi Yoga Pilates

This program is for those who are looking to perform workout routines at home or while traveling with a limited number of pieces of equipment. Here, I provide detailed explanations on how to use basic props such as swiss ball, power circle, elastics, towels, water bottles or weights, and suspension training to increase your body strength and flexibility while performing different routines for your core, legs, booty, and thigh.

This course is you if you are looking for:

Tone and strength your core, legs, booty, and thigh

Understand how to perform a full-body workout with a limited number of pieces of equipment

Increase your flexibility

Keep working out on those occasions where there is no gym available

This program includes:

Workout routines for core and lower body using different types of props

Warm-up, cool down, and stretch routines

Explanation of basic exercises such as lunge, squats, and plank

Introduction to mobility flow and Pilates with mat

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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