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Course Review: Grace Lever – The Mindset Project

The Mindset Project is a brand new, online step-by-step training program with six incredible modules… walking you through the mindset foundations essential for female entrepreneurs wanting to build a profitable, lifestyle business in 2020.

If you’re struggling to break through mindset roadblocks and your sales are suffering… there is a solution. Hit the ground running and clear those barriers so your business can thrive!

In the Mindset Project, you’ll master the systems and strategies Grace used to build an 8-figure coaching empire FROM SCRATCH. Learn the cold, hard truth about fear, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

In this 6 week online training program, Grace and (her own personal mindset mentor) Patsy will walk you through why you’ve been struggling to see the results you want in your business. From shutting-down subconscious negative thought to unraveling your hidden belief system, you will find what’s really holding you back. You’ll FINALLY understand what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and achieving record-breaking numbers.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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