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Course Review: Gene Morris – Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0

Learn How to Make $500-$1000 Day Selling Phone Call Leads To Businesses Nationwide

Pay per call blueprint is a relatively simple marketing strategy for launching pay per call campaigns using Google Ads.
There is more to succeeding in pay per call than just being able to launch a campaign.
You need to know:
What offers work best and when to run them.
What best practices will get you approved by most networks
How to deliver quality calls without over-spending on traffic
How to leverage networks to get the best offers available.
How to launch a campaign fast.

What You Get:
Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0 (2019 Edition)

[Updated] Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0 (2019 Edition)
Let’s Stop Feeling Broke! How Much Money Does The Average Pay Per Call Marketer Make?
Use This Daily Budget When Getting Started In Pay Per Call
Use This Simple Checklist Next Time You Are Hunting For Pay Per Call Offers
Good vs Bad Pay Per Call Offers Continued
How To Simplify Your Campaigns And Still Make 4-Figures A Day
Start Cutting Your Launch Times and Start Making More Money With Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0
Use This Simple Checklist Next Time You Are Hunting For Pay Per Call Offers Part 3

How To Master Pay Per Call Offers Like An Expert Media Buyer

Pay Per Call Blueprint Module 2 – Understanding Pay Per Call Offers So You Can Make More Money
What You Should Know About Pay Per Call Campaign Summary’s
How To Stop Sabotaging Your Publisher Income By Avoiding Bad Offers Like These
Where To Look For The Best Pay Per Call Offers To Test
Doing THIS Daily Can Prevent You From Missing Out On Good Offers
Knowing These Invoca Basics Can Keep You From Making Costly Mistakes
*Important – How to use invoca’s call promotion feature (Recommend using this on ALL Google Ads call-only campaigns)

Start Spying On Your Competition NOW!

Why Competitor Analysis is Critical To Your Success
How To Find Ads And Keywords That Convert Part 1
How To Find Ads And Keywords That Convert Part 2

Websites And Landing Pages

Important Pay Per Call Basics: Your Pay Per Call Website And Landing Page Resource
Mobile Landing Page Cookbook For Lead Gen
Mobile Site Speed Optimization
Winning Customers with CallsHow To Leverage User Intent And Drive Quality Calls
Avoid an account suspension by adhering to this important google policy
Brand Building BasicsLead Gen Websites
Good Landing Page Tactics

Set Up Your Google Ads Call-Only Campaign this Way

Getting Started
These Tools Make Building Your Campaign Easy
Start With These Settings For Your Call-Only Campaign
How To Setup Extensionshow To Configure A Conversion Action For Calls
How to map a conversion action to your call extension so it will fire properly
Creating your first call-only ad group
Creating your first call-only ad
How to Add ad groups and keywords in bulk with adwords editor
How to quickly change match types to your keywords in adwords editor
How to quickly add ads to ad groups with adwords editor
Adjusting keyword bids and different match types
How to build rock solid negative keyword lists in just a couple minutes
Tips For Getting ProfitableThe Secret To Higher Conversion Rates (Continued)

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