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Course Review: Fran Fisher – The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery

Are you…overwhelmed by trying to learn or master the PCC Markers?
The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery II (WWCM II) program clarifies the PCC competencies through coaching examples that deepen your understanding. Give yourself the time to learn and then practice these competencies at your own pace. As your comprehension increases through using this coaching mentoring program, your confidence and skills increase.

Are you…unclear about the distinction of PCC versus MCC and how to get there?
You’ll be able to understand the distinctions between the PCC and MCC skill and knowledge levels with the clearly-defined information and examples provided in WCCM II. Through listening to the live recorded coaching sessions and practicing the skills and knowledge you’re learning, the differences will become apparent.

Are you…challenged about helping your clients discover their underlying issues?
As your skills increase, your confidence in working with your clients will be strengthened by the knowledge you’re acquiring. You’ll be empowered to help your clients focus more easily and go deeper through self-discovery.

Are you…highly motivated to breakthrough your own coaching comfort zones, blind spots, or outdated habits?
You’ll find that your investment in coaching mastery and the information provided in WWCM II will help you address your own professional challenges to breakthrough to new levels of competence and self-awareness. Personal insights and increased confidence in your professional competencies propel your own growth that is modeled and shared with your clients.

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