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Course Review: Fractal Flow – Pro Trading Strategies

Built on scientific principles.
36 HD video lectures.
Applicable in ANY market and ANY timeframe.
It can be used by itself or in alignment with MMS and FFS.
Immediatelly available to download.
High level information for low cost.
Precise Technical Analysis Techniques/Setups.
Frequent Trade Opportunities.
Simple, Solid and Safe Risk Management Guidelines.
Learn How to Use Physics to Predict Price.
Trade Examples of the Method.
Email Support

Table of Contents
1 – Introduction to Econophysics
2 – Physics, The Mind and Market Prediction
3 – Price as a Moving Object & The Tools of the Trade
4 – Newton’s 1st Law and Market Trends
5 – Newton’s 2nd Law and Price Trajectory
6 – Newton’s 3rd Law and Symmetry
7 – Conservation Law and Potential Energy
8 – Trend Recognition (FFS)
9 – The Pitchfork
10 – Types of Pitchforks and Auxiliary Tools
11 – Frequency Lines (MMS)
12 – Frequency Shifting
13 – The Paradox of Meaningful Lines
14 – Reverse Engineering of Market Contexts and the Nudge Hypothesis.
15 – Dynamic Resolution and Price as a Moving Object
16 – Long Trade in the EURUSD H1 with Pendulum and Standard Pitchforks
17 – Short Trade in the AUDUSD H4 with a Standard Pitchfork
18 – Short Trade in the USDCAD M15 with a Simple Pitchfork
19 – Short Trade in the GBPUSD M30 with Simple Lines
20 – Long Trade in the CADJPY M15 with a Perfect Triple Intersection
21 – Short Trade in the EURJPY M30 with a Double Intersection
22 – Short Trade in the EURUSD M30 with Triple Intersectionality
23 – Long Trade in the USDJPY M15 with a Secondary Entry
24 – Short Trade in the USDCHF with Frequency Expansion
25 – Short Trade in the GBPAUD H1 with Opposing Pitchforks
26 – HISTORICAL Width Pitchfork Describing the EURUSD M30
27 – HISTORICAL Modified Pendulum and Edge Detection in the USDCHF H4
28 – HISTORICAL Perfect Market Angles in the AUDJPY H1
29 – HISTORICAL Modified Pitchfork in the GBPUSD H1
30 – HISTORICAL Hidden Symmetry and Double Line in the EURNOK M15
31 – HISTORICAL Frequency Shifting in the Weekly EURCAD
32 – HISTORICAL Frequency Along the Tail and Double Line in the EURGBP H1
33 – HISTORICAL Standard x Pendulum Pitchforks in the AUDUSD M15
34 – HISTORICAL Modified Pitchfork with Double Line in the USDJPY M30
35 – HISTORICAL Standard to Width Fork for Precision in the ZARJPY H1
36 – HISTORICAL Standard Pitchfork and Frequency Shift in the EURUSD M1

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