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Course Review: Fan Page Organic Traffic Masterclass

Why You Should Join FAN PAGE PROS:

Instant Access To The Complete Training!
Unrestricted access to all the training videos with PROVEN strategies to generate organic traffic to your fan page.
Ask Questions and Get Answers!
Join our Facebook group and network with other members to gain more insights on building you fan page from scratch. Get access to me as your mentor and ask an unlimited number of questions and get answers.
Download All The Templates For Free!
COPY and PASTE all the influencer email templates, moderation list and tools to help you generate organic traffic on Facebook with ease.
Exclusive Bonus Included
A Mystery Bonus training will also be included if you join today!

What’s Inside Fan Page Pros?

Lesson #1: Introduction
– Overview of the entire training in the course including methods and strategies
– Outline the changes to the Facebook algorithm and how to SURVIVE the declining reach on Facebook
– Discuss the ways to ADAPT to new changes and TAP into the billions of users on Facebook

Lesson #2: Why Build A Facebook Fan Page?
– Identify and target your niche market on Facebook
– Why ESTABLISHING your online presence on the BIGGEST social media platform is important
– How a fan base is crucial in building brand LOYALTY in any business ventures

Lesson #3: Proper Page Setup
– How to OPTIMIZE each section of your fan page
– Step-by-step guide on how to setup up your fan page correctly with DETAILED EXAMPLES
– How to BOOST DISCOVERABILITY of your page to your audience

Lesson #4: Curating Viral Content
– How to EFFECTIVELY research your niche and curate quality content
– How to find PROVEN VIRAL content to increase organic reach
– Review different content strategies to MAXIMIZE your reach

Lesson #5: Creating Your Own Content
– How to produce your own original content efficiently
– Over-the-shoulder training on how to utilize different tools to create your own content
– How to LEVERAGE video content to boost your organic reach

Lesson #6: Posting Content
– How to fully utilize the tools and features provided by Facebook to build a POWERFUL fan page
– Review the best practices on how to post content without violating Facebook’s policies
– Unveil the best strategies to posting content that increases EXPOSURE

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