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Course Review: Ezekiel Chew – Asia Forex Mentor – AFM Proprietary One Core Program

The course helps forex traders gain profound trading knowledge and enable students to define a trading system, interpret the forex market correctly, and steadily grow the account.

The Asia Forex Mentor trading program currently consists of 26 chapters. It belongs to the forex trading courses that can be used as a home study program by logging in to the online forex trading course at At the same time, the website blog is hosted under

Here is the entire training program curriculum:

MT4 Setup
Forex and MT4 Basics
Price Action
Entries, Stoploss and Exits
Business Behind Trading
Chart Reading
Strategies Overview
Strategies – Buying at the Lows | Retracement
Strategies – Buying at Highs | Breakout
Strategies – Reversals
Strategies – Price Action Patterns
Strategies – Top Down Approach
Road to Millions Formula
Trade Management Methods
Correlated Pairs
Fundamental Analysis
Advance Methods
AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System
Lifestyle Trading
Proprietary Trading Plan (100 Trades Blueprint)
Trading Psychology
1 Full Year of “Live Trading”
Tracking (20 Trades Set)
Plan Forward – Roadmap to Success

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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