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Course Review: Evolutionary Women by Barbara M. Hubbard

To the woman who feels called towards something greater:

Are you in the process of questioning and transcending the expectations imposed on you as a woman?

Can you feel a sense of untapped power and potential humming somewhere deep within you?

And as life around you evolves at breakneck speed, are you drawn to the idea of stepping up, contributing, and co-creating a new, better reality for every person and every gender?

Today more than ever, the world needs a woman who dares.

A woman beautifully in touch with her limitless creation power and purpose.

A woman liberated from outdated ideas and control mechanisms disguised as tradition.

A woman who is ready to lead, heal, and uplift both herself and others.

An evolved woman.

If this calling resonates with you, the Evolutionary Woman program is your key to shaping not only your own better future – but one for all of humanity.

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