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Course Review: Ecommerce Seo Master Class For Shopify Stores 2021

Getting free traffic is every store owner’s dream! Free traffic means more potential customers that cost you zero $! so every cent they spend on your store is pure profit!

Relying on Paid ads to bring traffic to your store is totally fine and it is definitely a way to get brand awareness, make sales, and make profits! But with the rising competition, the huge ads costs and the new stores that come to life each day, relying on one and only source of traffic is not something I recommend you to do!

Especially, if what I am suggesting is a FREE like 100% FREE way to get more traffic!

Hi there, I am Rihab an eCommerce online instructor with more than 31 k students and with an average course rating of 4.5 stars. I have worked with clients all over the world and helped them to start or boost their businesses and in this course, I am going to show you how to optimize your store for SEO, so you rank higher on google and get free traffic!

People use google daily to search for topics they want to explore or for things they need to buy! Google processes more than 80,731 queries per second which equivalent to 2.5 trillion searches per year! This is huge I know! People go to google, type their queries, process the results, and click on the ones they catch their attention!

Jack here wants to buy new boots for this winter season, he goes to google and types ” motorcycle boots”. Google returns the most relevant results for this exact query and now jack can surf this page and click on the titles that attract him the most!

This same exact query is searched around 27100 in google each month.

Now let’s say that your store is showing for this result and that it is showing here on the first 5 results. This would mean that a portion of these 8100 queries will lead to your store! let’s say you received 10% on these visits. This would mean a 2700 visit per month for free! and this is only for ranking for one keyword!

Now imagine ranking for multiple keywords, this means getting more and more free traffic! thus making more and more sales and increasing your sales!

Easy yeah? Well no!

Ranking in google and showing in the first few results, is something you should work on hard!

Many people think that by simply including a keyword several times inside of a page, on their page title or body text, they will rank for the keyword and start receiving the promised traffic!

Well, the reality is a way different

Optimizing your store for SEO is a process that goes further beyond including relevant keywords to cover many different aspects.

In this course, I will walk you step by step thru this whole process, I will not hide anything from you, I will explain everything in details with real examples so when you finish this course, you will be able to optimize your store and start getting the free traffic you wish for!

Many people try to optimize their stores for seo, they do some things here and there and sit waiting for their pages ranks to increase! Well this doesn’t work!

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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