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Course Review: Dream Cloud Academy – YouTube Masterclass 2020

YOUTUBE MASTERCLASS – COMPLETE GUIDE to building an online business with YouTube
Complete guide to starting a YouTube channel, getting more views & subscribers, and building a brand with videos!

(Even if you are a complete beginner)
Created By: Shan Ruthra
YouTube has more than 2 billion active users.
Let than sink in.
Many marketers seem to forget that one of the platforms where you can find customers is YouTube.
Because YouTube is accessible, and video is the new king of content. But if you do not know how to
make videos, how will you take advantage of this situation?
This is what many of my friends asked me. And this also why I created my YouTube Masterclass.
I want to help people make money on the YouTube platform, even if they do not have any background
in marketing, video editing, or ad creation.
But why should you choose YouTube?
Why not blogging or other platforms?
Why should you make money on YouTube?
81% of people between 15 and 25 in the United States use YouTube
15% of the traffic on YouTube come from the US
Each YouTube visitor spends about 11 minutes on the site per day
Every visit on YouTube, on average, results to 6.5 page views
70% of YouTube usage is done on mobile
The revenue of YouTube in the US is about 5.5 billion dollars
Can you see now why YouTube is the best platform to make money?
YouTube is very much alive, and other social media channels pale in comparison to it.
And the best part?
YouTube is a platform that is hard to penetrate.
What does this mean?
It means that people cannot easily build a YouTube channel.
And why is this important?
The lesser competition, the better for you.
If you put all these facts together, YouTube is a more promising platform in making money than
anything else.
Don’t believe me?

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