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Course Review: DM’S On Demand

The Ten Simple Steps To Make The Girl Of Your Dreams Beg For Your Attention And Love…

…Even If You Think You’re Not Good Looking And Have Never Been On A Date.

“Once upon a time I was exposed to red pill and cold approach pickup…

Which I was heavily into at first, but as time went on…

I realized that I wasn’t getting the returns I really desired from it.

It’s a lot of effort going out and staying up really late to hopefully get some results…

Especially now that my priorities have changed and I’m more involved with business, not chasing girls in nightclubs until 2am…

That was fun for a while and it’s still good for certain guys, it just wasn’t for me anymore.

Too much effort, too much time, especially now with covid, that just destroyed the whole cold approach thing.

So I had this huge epiphany when just by chance my good friend Fresh Prince CEO said…

“Why don’t you just use the Gram to get girls?”

I was like…

“What do you mean..?”

“…Isn’t the Gram for social media, so that you can post your breakfast on there then complain about traffic or whatever you want…”

It’s not Tinder so, do you mean get a Bumble?

He’s like… “No no, you just use social media and you post high value stuff, then you can use it to meet women.”

Whoa whoa whoa, you gotta show me this…

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