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Course Review: Deep Tune System – Paul Gutteridge

About your Instructor:
Paul Gutteridge

Director PMG Partnership. Honorary Fellow, Edward Cadbury Centre at University of Birmingham National Director, IofC, UK

Here’s the full run-down of what you are going to learn!
Module 1: Life in High Definition

Slowing down to speed up.
Turning up your senses.
Let the silence do the heavy lifting.
Watch yourself.
Module 2: Baseline behavior

The two questions that you can use anywhere to read anyone.
Are they forward or backwards?
Interpreting what you read.
Module 3: Body language signals to really look for

Head, shoulders, hands and feet
RSVP: Rhythm, speed, volume and pitch.
Module 4: Mind your language

Dirty dozen checklist: vital clues to spot when people are withholding information or finding things a little sensitive…dare you probe?
Managing emotional or logical responses.
What law enforcement look for in what you write to get deeper
insights…emails will never look the same again.
Module 5: Networking, socializing and reading a room

Entering and exiting.
Flicking on the ‘like’ switch.
Seating positions and using angles to your benefit.
Module 6: Putting it all together

Making the cake.
Building your confidence.
Where to practice
And BONUS in Deep Tune System:

BONUS 1 – Additional 6 weeks of coaching (VALUE $5000)

You won’t be left alone. Weekly coaching calls

BONUS 2 – Values Primer Module (VALUE $500)

VALUES drive behavior and outcomes
Learn how VALUES operate and how to manage them in others

BONUS 3 – Reality Bending full course (VALUE $397)

Powa Academy premium course on suggestion/ hypnosis.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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