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Course Review: David Snyder – Rapid Attraction Secrets

David Snyder – Rapid Attraction Secrets 2015 | Instant Download !
For what I know this video is not even sold.
3 days in San Diego
I personally think it is the BEST seduction course ever:
It is based on neuroscience and behavioral psychology researches
David Snyder (aka Van Arrick, Masterclass, David X not the old fat incongruent one ) is a great trainer and was a great practitioner of seduction and sex
The process is clearly explained in all the details and really simple.

I compressed it for the Ipad (the original was HUGE)
(I will not be able to do that for the next release RWH Real World Hypnosis
prepare your ratio it will be a 30 plus Gb upload)

There are 2 files corrupted in the originals: 2.4 and 3.4
The course is perfectly complete without them.
But if someone has them please upload them.
One of them contains Thundercat (Joseph Matthews) 4 fold metaframe
if you know where to find it please PM Hackerone

Give me just 3 solid days and I’ll show you how to practically take all the guess work out of meeting dating catching and keeping the man or woman of your dreams and have them practically falling in love with you in as little as 20 minutes ethically, honestly, Fast and EASY!

So listen Close Right Now… Pay Attention, Before You Enroll Watch The Video Below and make sure you are ready to learn the Complete System.

Love, Passion, Companionship, Intimacy, Sex, Romance, Adventure, FUN we all want these things. In fact every man woman and couple I’ve ever met or worked with distilled their relationship needs down to some form of the things mentioned above. But…

Finding and Keeping a Good Lover Is Tougher Today in 2015 than it’s ever been.

In fact the game is pretty much rigged against both men and women.

If you are having difficulty meeting and keeping someone special or if you simply want more freedom, power, choice and control over your dating mating and relating life. If you really want more sex, passion intimacy, connection, companionship, fulfillment if you really want to get this part of your life handled life.

Keep Reading.

Let’s face facts, you can look on any internet dating site, YouTube,, Facebook, Google plus etc., etc., and find workshop after workshop and coach after coach trying to teach you the Right Way to to meet a woman, keep men, bring your ex-back, put the fire back into your relationship ad infinitum etc.

Here’s the problem… Men tend to talk to Men about dating; women tend to talk to women about dating

Both sides tend to make the other side “wrong” then proceed to whine and complain how the other side just doesn’t get it.

Well the truth is… Men and Women ARE Different…

But Not That Much

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