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Course Review: David Bond – The Digital Pickup – Become an Online Dating God

The Digital Pickup – Become an Online Dating God by David Bond
I have a confession to make.
I’ve met hundreds of beautiful women online


Do you want to know truth about online dating in 2020?
Everything is controlled by algorithms.
Tinder, Instagram, Bumble, Hing all have algorithms – and once you know how to trick them…everything changes

The reality is the online dating world is rigged against men.

The “online dating” industry makes millions of dollars exploiting men’s desire to meet women with bot accounts, algorithms that hide your profile unless you pay, even charging men a fee to simply message a girl.

Tinder for example gives you a “desirability” score based on how many girls swipe right on you, and if your score is low less girls will see your profile. Tinder also intentionally chokes your profile’s visibility unless you PAY THEM for boosts. On top of all of this, Tinder even will CHARGE YOU MORE MONEY based on your AGE and LOCATION.

Bumble, Hing, Okcupid, and many other dating services all have built systems and algorithms to completely exploit you. There are even dating apps that will give you fake matches with fake profiles that detect your location and fool you into thinking it’s a real girl who’s just a few miles away – you are soon told if you want to reply to her message you need to be a “VIP member” which cost $19.99 – After you fall for the scam the fake girl profile slowly stops responding.

The entire online dating industry is laughing at you.

The entire online dating industry is exploiting you.

The system is rigged against you.

So what can you do?

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