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Course Review: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Finance, Money, and Investing

Crypto is the smartest people in the world exiting into their own economy — Naval Ravikant

Bitcoin is a game disguised to teach you about:

The Ethics of Money production

The history of central banking and gold

Adversarial system design. Cryptography?

Commodities markets

Distributed systems engineering and the software lifecycle

Securities law

  • Arjun Balaji

I missed out on early potential profits in the cryptocurrency space because I dismissed it as a bubble without truly studying crypto and the blockchain. I was ignorant.

In hindsight, this was a costly blindspot.

Blockchain Revolution

After this realization, I decided it was time to research the blockchain and open my eyes to the potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Since then, I’ve allocated roughly 10% of my portfolio to cryptocurrencies. Even though it’s an incredibly volatile asset class — you need to have the stomach for 30–60% drops — cryptocurrencies are here to stay to benefit our society.

Here are some conclusions I have come to:

· Technology businesses are increasingly agreeing that blockchain is critical to unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things.

· I believe that the economy functions best when it benefits everyone, and this technology is a vehicle for inclusion.

· Regulators are still trying to manage this massive innovation with rules devised for the industrial age.

· I am a firm believer in blockchain technology’s power to fundamentally alter the financial services industry’s infrastructure.

· It has math. It has its computer science. It has its cryptography. It has its economics. It has its political and social philosophy. I was immediately drawn into this technology and community.

Since blockchain technology will become increasingly more important in our technological society, I highly recommend learning to understand better the crypto and blockchain revolution.

This is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency and NFT course

From bitcoin to blockchain, financial technology (FinTech) is changing the way we think about financial services. With blockchain technology serving as an encryption base for a variety of applications, understanding its use and limitations is a critical skill for leaders across industries. Through this course, you’ll explore the history, current environment, and near-term outlook of FinTech, focusing on applications of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology plays a significant part in what is characterized by the term “FinTech.” The immutability and transparency of the technology is facilitating both traditional transactions, for example; credit, supply chain, and voting, as well as new areas; IOT, digital currencies, identity management, and novel ways of incentivizing activity. Given the breadth of applications, the potential impact of blockchain technology on finance and beyond is extraordinary.

Confused? Here’s now to not be.

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