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Course Review: CMT Level I Classes

2022 Exam Administrations
The CMT Level I Exam focuses on the basic knowledge of the terminology and analytical tools used in technical analysis. The exam is two hours long, and consists of 132 multiple-choice questions.

As of January 2019, the CMT Association has discontinued its membership requirement for CMT exam candidates. You may still choose to become an affiliate member before enrolling in the CMT Program, but it is no longer required. However, member pricing for the exams differs from nonmember pricing.

For additional information about the CMT Level I Exam, please consult the combined Exam Information and Learning Objective Statements document below for selected sample questions and a brief overview of the exam structure, as well as the Learning Objectives. This document is not meant as a study guide; rather, it is offered to acquaint you with the style and format of the exams.

Both the June and December 2022 CMT Exam Administrations will use the 2022 edition of the CMT Curriculum, published by Wiley in partnership with the CMT Association.

The official 2022 CMT Program Curriculum will be available for purchase in late December 2021. Candidates for the June 2022 exams are strongly encouraged to purchase the 2022 curriculum for the next exam they are facing, not the 2021 texts, as the curriculum is subject to ongoing review and updating.

You can find more information on third-party test preparation materials by visiting our Approved CMT Program Test Prep Providers page.

You can purchase the most recent edition of the CMT Curriculum from Wiley Efficient Learning at the link below.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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